We have a private portofolio of famous band's song we mixed ourselves (ABORTED, GOGNIZANCE, GOJIRA, MESHUGGAH, SUICIDE SILENCE) to give  an idea of our mixing/mastering services on more traditionnal metal.

We worked with in the past with :

- AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Autokrator (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

- AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - The Obedience to Authority (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)


- AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Hammer of the Heretics (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

- CAOSTRUPPEN (War Metal) - Nuclear Lucifer Retaliation (Mastering)

CRYPTIC SCREAM (Death/Black Metal) - "Death & Damnation" (Mastering)

- DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Djöflasongvari (Mastering)

- DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Avgrunnen (Mastering)

- DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) -Aapenbaring & Undergang (Mastering)

- DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Fallen frende / Extravagant White Trash (Mastering)

- DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - The One Who Lurks (Mixing, Mastering)

- DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - Mutilated Offerings (Mastering)

- GIVOLDI FOSSA (Cold Wave) - De marées en oubli (Mixing, Mastering)

- K.L.L.K (Atmospheric Black Metal) - Le brasier des mondes (Mastering)

- HORTHODOX (Ritual Death Industrial) - Averin (Guitars recording)

(Death Metal) - Ecstatic Violence & Hatred (Mastering)

- MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Death Metal) - Inside The Veil (Mastering)

-N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Diktatura (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

-N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Vlast (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

-N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Hakmarrja (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

-N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Remastering)

-PAROXSIHZEM (Death/Black Metal) - Excavation of Despair (Mastering)

-SARINVOMIT (Black Metal) - Encomium of Depraved Instincts (Mastering)

-TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Everything Lies Death (Mastering)

-TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - The Cottonwoods Grim (Mastering)

-TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Marsch MMXVI Rehearsal (Mixing, Mastering)

-TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - R.I.P (Mastering)

-TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Mortales Delendi Sunt (Mixing, Mastering)

-TIIL SUM (Black Metal) - I nie ma śmierci, i sen jest tylko​.​.​. (Mixing, Mastering)