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CrypticDjevel siaroiDjev avgrDjevel baarin
Djevel whiteDaq lurkDaq mutGivoldi
KllkHorthMauso extMauso veil
A2285989610 10Nkvd diktNk vlastNk hak
Nk totaParoxSarinTahpos death
Taphos cottoTaphos reheadTahpso urnTaphos mortales
TiilA0311163972 10A1711973369 10

From left to right :

  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Autokrator (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - The Obedience to Authority (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Hammer of the Heretics (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • CAOSTRUPPEN (War Metal) - Nuclear Lucifer Retaliation (Mastering)
  • CRYPTIC SCREAM (Death/Black Metal) - "Death & Damnation" (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Djöflasongvari (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Avgrunnen (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) -Aapenbaring & Undergang (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Fallen frende / Extravagant White Trash (Mastering)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - The One Who Lurks (Mixing, Mastering)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - Mutilated Offerings (Mastering)
  • GIVOLDI FOSSA (Cold Wave) - De marées en oubli (Mixing, Mastering)
  • K.L.L.K (Atmospheric Black Metal) - Le brasier des mondes (Mastering)
  • HORTHODOX (Ritual Death Industrial) - Averin (Guitars recording)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Death Metal) - Ecstatic Violence & Hatred (Mastering)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Death Metal) - Inside The Veil (Mastering)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Black/Death Metal) - Behind The Veil (Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Diktatura (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Vlast (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Hakmarrja (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Remastering)
  • PAROXSIHZEM (Death/Black Metal) - Excavation of Despair (Mastering)
  • SARINVOMIT (Black Metal) - Encomium of Depraved Instincts (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Everything Lies Death (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - The Cottonwoods Grim (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Marsch MMXVI Rehearsal (Mixing, Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - R.I.P (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Mortales Delendi Sunt (Mixing, Mastering)
  • TIIL SUM (Black Metal) - I nie ma śmierci, i sen jest tylko​.​.​. (Mixing, Mastering)
  • PLAGUE BEARER (Black/Death Metal) - Winds of Pestilence (Mastering)
  • THARMAZEGETHUZAN (Ambiant) - Revelations Of The Necroglyph (Mastering)



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