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  • ALTERED DEAD (Death Metal) - Returned to Life (Mastering)
  • AUROCH (Death Metal) - From Forgotten Worlds (Mastering for tape)
  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Autokrator (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - The Obedience to Authority (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Hammer of the Heretics (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
    AUTOKRATOR (Suffocating Death Metal) - Persecution (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
    AVGRUND (Black Metal) - Announcing Spirit Heritage (Mixing, Mastering)
  • CAOSTRUPPEN (War Metal) - Nuclear Lucifer Retaliation (Mastering)
  • CEREMONIAL TORTURE (Black Metal) -Necronomical Mirror Divination (Mixing, Mastering)
  • CURSED EXCRUCIATION  (Death/Black Metal) -Arcane Diabolism (Mastering)
  • CRYPTIC SCREAM (Death/Black Metal) - "Death & Damnation" (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Djöflasongvari (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Avgrunnen (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) -Aapenbaring & Undergang (Mastering)
  • DJEVELSANG (Black Metal) - Fallen frende / Extravagant White Trash (Mastering)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - Feeding Hell's Furnace (Mastering for tape)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - Hail Infernal Darkness (Mastering for vinyl)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - The One Who Lurks (Mixing, Mastering)
  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Death Metal) - Mutilated Offerings (Mastering)
  • FATHER BEFOULED (Death Metal) - Crowned in Veneficium (Mastering)
  • GIVOLDI FOSSA (Cold Wave) - De marées en oubli (Mixing, Mastering)
    HARVEST (Black Metal) - Bend Thy Knee & Present Thy Throat to a Burning Sword of a Dark Age (Mastering for vinyl)
  • HEXORCIST (Death Metal) - Bestiarum Vocabulum (Mastering)
  • HEXORCIST (Death Metal) - Evil Reaping Death (Mastering)
    HEXORCIST (Death Metal) - Post Mortem Abominations (Mastering)
  • HIDEOUS TENANT (Noise) - Pollution Noise (Mastering)
  • HORTHODOX (Ritual Death Industrial) - Averin (Guitars recording)
  • K.L.L.K (Atmospheric Black Metal) - Le brasier des mondes (Mastering)
  • KAAL NAGINI (Black/Death Metal) - Refracted Light Of A Blind God (Mastering)
  • KOMMANDANT (Black Metal) - Blood Eel (Mastering for tape)
    LVX HAERESIS (Black Metal) - Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs (Mastering DDP)
  • MALEFIC OATH (Death Metal) - The Land Where Evil Dwells (Mastering for vinyl)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Death Metal) - Ecstatic Violence & Hatred (Mastering)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Death Metal) - Inside The Veil (Mastering)
  • MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH (Black/Death Metal) - Behind The Veil (Mixing, Mastering)
  • MESSE MORTUAIRE (Death Metal) - Behind The Veil (Mastering for vinyl)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Diktatura (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Vlast (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Hakmarrja (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • N.K.V.D (Industrial Black Metal) - Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Remastering)
  • PAROXSIHZEM (Death/Black Metal) - Excavation of Despair (Mastering)
  • PLAGUE BEARER (Death/Black Metal) - Winds Of Pestilence (Mastering)
  • PLAGUE BEARER (Death/Black Metal) - Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation (Mastering)
  • POSSESSION CULT (Black Metal) - Militant Vampyrism (Mastering)
  • RAVENOUS DEATH (Death Metal) -  Visions from the Netherworld (Mastering)
  • ROTTENBROTH (Death Metal) -  Necroceremony Vomitorum (Mastering)
  • SARINVOMIT (Black Metal) - Encomium of Depraved Instincts (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Everything Lies Death (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - The Cottonwoods Grim (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Marsch MMXVI Rehearsal (Mixing, Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - R.I.P (Mastering)
  • TAPHOS NOMOS (Death/Doom Metal) - Mortales Delendi Sunt (Mixing, Mastering)
  • TIIL SUM (Black Metal) - I nie ma ?mierci, i sen jest tylko?.?.?. (Mixing, Mastering)
  • THARMAZEGETHUZAN (Ambiant) - Revelations Of The Necroglyph (Mastering)
  • THARMAZEGETHUZAN (Ambiant) - Militant Vampyrism (Mastering)
  • THARMAZEGETHUZAN (Ambiant) - The Necroglyph Triptych (Mastering)
  • TOMB (Death/Black Metal) -The Dark Subconscious (Mastering)



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